Overlook Neighborhood Update (Aug. 27)

1) Upcoming events at adidas
2) Picnic at Peninsula Park (Sept. 24)
3) Oregon transportation funding priorities
4) Equity in city government

1) Upcoming events at adidas

As part of their efforts to keep neighbors informed, adidas has announced two upcoming events. On Wednesday, Aug. 30, 4-4:45 p.m., there will be amplified sound on the plaza and a yoga class on the pitch. On Friday, Sept. 8, 9-11:30 a.m. there will be amplified sound on the plaza and a DJ playing music for a donor event.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact adidas at overlook@adidas.com.

2) Picnic at Peninsula Park (Sept. 24)

Join other friends of Portland Parks at Peninsula Park in North Portland to celebrate the close of Portland Parks Foundation’s 15th Anniversary Year. Bring the whole family, along with a picnic blanket, to enjoy all that public parks have to offer.

Festivities Include:

  • A picnic sponsored by NW Natural
  • Art station for budding artists hosted by Multnomah Arts Center
  • Youth soccer clinic lead by Jack Jewsbury, former Portland Timbers midfielder and Portland Parks Foundation board member
  • Guided tours of the historic garden by Friends of Peninsula Park Rose Garden
  • Parks Champion Award presented to outstanding community volunteer

RSVP by September 14.

Portland Parks Foundation’s 15th Anniversary Celebration
Sunday, Sept. 24, 4:30-6 p.m.
Peninsula Park

3) Oregon transportation funding priorities

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is looking for input from Oregonians about how to prioritize spending. Tell ODOT if it should prioritize funding for highway expansion, safety, or pedestrian/bike improvements by taking this short survey.

The process for distributing money to transportation projects in the 2021-4 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) begins now. Because projects in the STIP are funded with taxpayer dollars, ODOT is making every effort to get input from Oregonians about how to spend these funds. To accomplish this, they have created a website to share information. Check it out at oregon.gov/ODOT/STIP.

4) Equity in city government

The Office of Equity and Human Rights’ charge from community and City Council is to influence institutional change in city government in regards to race and disability.

The office depends on community feedback to inform its work. If you’d like to help with that mission, the office is accepting applications for its Bureau Advisory Committee (BAC). The BAC consists of volunteers from Portland’s diverse communities representing an array of experiences, perspectives and expertise. This is a great opportunity to learn more about governing for racial and disability equity, and to become more aware of how your unique form of city government works.

Find out more and apply for the BAC.

You may also contact Jeff Selby for more information at jeff.selby@portlandoregon.gov.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (Aug. 19)

1) Tour de Lab bicycle ride will close street in Overlook (Sept. 3)
2) Help Portland plan pedestrian improvements
3) General meeting recap

1) Tour de Lab bicycle ride will close street in Overlook (Sept. 3)

The ninth annual Tour de Lab bicycle ride returns on Sept. 3. This event, which visits the various Lucky Lab sites in Portland, including Overlook’s own Lucky Labrador Taproom on N Killingsworth Street, is a fundraiser to benefit Dove Lewis animal hospital. There are two routes, a 41-mile Big Dog and 18-mile Puppy.

To ensure the safety or riders and drivers alike, N Concord Avenue between Willamette Boulevard and Killingsworth will be closed from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

2) Help Portland plan pedestrian improvements

The Portland Bureau of Transportation is conducting a survey as a part of its PedPDX project. PedPDX will identify pedestrian needs across the city, including sidewalks, crossing improvements, and other investments that will make walking safer, more comfortable, and more accessible in Portland. The Plan will also prioritize those needs to help ensure that we are directing funding to locations with the greatest need first (based on user demand, safety conditions, transit access, and other priorities identified by the community).

Take the community survey by Sept. 30. Responses to the online survey will directly shape how PBOT prioritizes pedestrian improvements citywide. Your response will help PBOT understand the types of walking improvements that are most important and the general locations where they are needed most. The survey should take no more than 3 minutes. At the end, you will have an opportunity to enter for a chance to win one of several prizes, including a Fitbit Charge 2.

More information about PedPDX, including information on how to sign up for email updates to stay involved throughout the project, is available on the project website at pedpdx.com.

3) General meeting recap

For those who were unable to attend the OKNA General Meeting on Tuesday, a quick recap. More than 130 residents and guests attended the meeting.

The evening began with a special board meeting to respond to threats from Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s office and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. The board voted unanimously to remove from the general meeting agenda a bylaws amendment that would have clarified membership criteria for OKNA consistent with policies in more than a dozen other neighborhoods. The vote was not a reflection on the merits of the proposal but a response to Eudaly’s threats. OKNA Chairperson Chris Trejbal discussed the issue on Oregon Public Broadcasting this week.

During the General Meeting, the membership authorized the board to ask that the city address drift racing and drag racing on Swan Island and nearby streets and to spend $150 on design work for a flyer to promote the Sept. 19 annual meeting. The membership also approved an overhaul of the OKNA bylaws. Among the changes of note, the board will now have up to 15 members who will be elected at the annual meeting. If you’d like more information about running for the board, send an email to info@overlookneighborhood.org

Members also debated and voted on a resolution introduced by four Overlook residents in accordance with the bylaws. The measure (read the full text here) would have required that any good neighbor agreement between the Overlook Neighborhood and the Hazelnut Grove homeless camp include a three-month timeline for relocation of the camp. If no agreement were reached by Oct. 1, it called for relocating the camp.

During the debate neighbors and homeless advocates offered passionate arguments for and against the measure. A handful of disruptive attendees were not able to prevent an excellent show of local democracy and civil debate in action.

Using a parliamentary maneuver, one speaker attempted to replace that resolution with language that stated:

  • Overlook welcomes and celebrates Hazelnut Grove and others experiencing homelessness;
  • OKNA pledges to support homeless people;
  • OKNA places, as a top priority, that the neighborhood address the affordable housing and homelessness crisis.

Residents voted two-to-one against the change.

The original motion then went to a vote. It, too, failed, but on a much closer count. Hazelnut Grove campers were sufficient in number to swing the outcome.

After a brief recess during which most people left, the remaining residents discussed other issues of importance to the neighborhood. Several thanked the board for its hard work and for keeping a challenging meeting moving forward.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (Aug. 11)

1) Changes to the upcoming OKNA meeting (Aug. 15)
2) Special Olympics at adidas a success
3) City intervenes in mediation with Hazelnut Grove
4) Bridge Pedal will disrupt traffic on Sunday morning

1) Changes to the upcoming OKNA meeting (Aug. 15)

The OKNA general meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. has changed location. Given the high level of interest in this meeting, the OKNA Board has secured a larger venue at Trillium Charter School. Do not go to Lucky Lab … unless you prefer tasty beer and pizza to neighborhood politics.

A special board meeting has been called for 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, prior to the scheduled general meeting. The board will discuss the proposed bylaws amendment that would clarify who qualifies for membership in OKNA. This meeting is in response to Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s office and ONI threatening to rescind OKNA official standing if the bylaws amendment passes. Read their letter to OKNA here.

The first bylaws amendment that deals with procedural items will not be affected. You can read both amendments on the OKNA website.

Please try to arrive early for the meeting. Anyone who wishes to vote on items should check in and receive a voting card. Pursuant to ONI interpretations, when checking in, residents will be asked to print their name, address or nearest intersection to where they live and email address if they wish to be added to our weekly email update. They also will be required to check a box affirming that they live in the Overlook Neighborhood and provide a legal signature.

An agenda for the meeting is available here. Other topics to be discussed include drag racing on Swan Island and promoting the September annual meeting.

OKNA Special Board Meeting & General Meeting
Tuesday, Aug. 15, 6:15-9 p.m.
Trillium Charter School (5420 N Interstate Ave.)

2) Special Olympics at adidas a success

Adidas, whose North American headquarters is in Overlook, sends its thanks to neighborhood residents for accommodating last weekend’s Special Olympics soccer match. A spokesman for adidas writes to the neighborhood:

Big thanks to you and the Overlook Neighborhood for accommodating our request for yesterday morning’s Special Olympics match!

While I’m sure some residents were surprised to hear ACDC and Katy Perry with their morning coffee, the families, staff, officials, and athletes who were in attendance were thrilled to play and compete in a sport they are passionate for at the Village before heading over to Providence Park to watch the Timbers and Galaxy.

We greatly appreciate your flexibility with the date change to Sunday morning and for helping us provide a welcoming and hospitable space for sport for our guests from Special Olympics.

OKNA also shares its thanks for everyone who made this fun day possible for the young athletes.

3) City intervenes in mediation with Hazelnut Grove

Jamey Duhamel, Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s policy director, this week told the Portland Tribune that Eudaly’s office would seek to implement a Dignity Village model at the Hazelnut Grove homeless camp. OKNA is engaged in a city-mandated mediation process with Hazelnut Grove and has hoped to reach an agreement that would match the successful Kenton Village model. Representatives of Hazelnut Grove, including Vahid Brown, a leader of the Village Coalition, have spoken positively at OKNA meetings about the Kenton model.

While it is unfortunate that Eudaly’s staff are potentially harming the mediation process, OKNA continues to hope that Hazelnut Grove will agree to reasonable health and safety provisions akin to the Kenton Model. The next mediation session is scheduled for later this month.

4) Bridge Pedal will disrupt traffic on Sunday morning

Anyone planning to drive in and around downtown Portland on Sunday might want to wait until the afternoon. The annual Providence Bridge Pedal will take place on Sunday morning, closing most of the city’s bridges and some streets between them for thousands of bike riders. The graphic on the right shows the status of individual bridges, but in general, it will be best to avoid the area if possible until the roads clear.

Overlook was sorry to learn that the Bridge Pedal will not pass through our neighborhood this year. In past years, the ride crossed the St. Johns Bridge and came through Overlook. That portion of the ride was dropped this year after difficulties securing sufficient police services.

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OKNA Bylaws Amendments Proposed

(Update: The meeting location had changed to Trillium Charter School. See here for details.)

Hello Overlook Neighborhood Association Members and Friends,

At next Tuesday’s (Aug. 15) OKNA General Meeting, the board will ask members to consider bylaws revisions.

Over the years, the bylaws have been amended on multiple occasions. As is often the case with organizational bylaws, they became too long and stopped reflecting neighborhood association practices. The proposed revisions would correct this. Overlook does things well overall, but we aren’t so arrogant to think that we can’t learn a thing or two from other neighborhoods. To that end, we reviewed many other neighborhoods’ bylaws for inspiration and ideas.

We’ve broken the revisions into two proposals for Tuesday. Each will require a two-thirds majority of members present to pass. A summary is below. You can read the full proposals in the following documents:

1A. Proposed revised bylaws (clean version)
1B. Proposed revised bylaws (red-line, tracked changes version)
2. Proposed update to membership qualifications.

If you have any questions before the Aug. 15 meeting, please send them to info@overlookneighborhood.org. The meeting will take place at the Lucky Labrador Tap Room on N Killingsworth Street starting at 6:30 p.m. A full agenda will be included with the neighborhood update this weekend.

Thank you for your interest in Overlook. We hope to see you Tuesday!

Revision A

The first revision that members will consider Tuesday has updates throughout our bylaws. The changes feature ideas about how to handle some things better and more efficiently. They also have updates to make sure that how we do things is in alignment with the bylaws. Highlights include:


The current bylaws call for representation from geographic zones and a series of elections of executive and standing committees. In recent years, OKNA elections have followed a more streamlined approach of electing board members and then having the board choose a chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer, secretary and committee chairs. The system has worked well, and the bylaws revisions would codify it.

Size of the Board

We currently have 10 board members. The revisions would set the number of seats at 15, creating more opportunity for neighborhood residents to serve and help lead our community. If fewer than 15 people run, all will join the board. An election will occur only if more than 15 seek seats on the board.


The current bylaws set an expectation that the board meet monthly. The revisions would allow greater flexibility. Some months, there is no business to discuss or a holiday conflicts, so holding a meeting makes no sense. This doesn’t mean we’ll only have a handful of meetings per year, but we’ll skip a month now and then with the consent of the board.


The current bylaws define several standing committees that require elected chairpeople. Under the revisions, the board would establish committees as needed, and the chairs of those committees would be selected by the board. This gives OKNA the flexibility to have the committees necessary to address issues as they come up and to disband committees that no longer are needed. The only codified standing committee would be the Grievance Committee.

Leadership Term Limits

The current bylaws also establish a two-term limit (two years) for all offices and committee chairs. We have in some years struggled to find enough people to fill all of those roles, and two years is barely enough time to learn all the ropes. Therefore, the revised bylaws would create a three-year term limit on executive offices with an exception for additional years if no one else wants to fill a role and the current person is willing to continue.

Because these changes bring OKNA bylaws into line with OKNA practice in recent years, the board hopes that members will adopt them on Aug. 15 so that they can be in effect for elections at our September General Meeting.

Revision B

The second bylaws amendment for consideration on Tuesday clarifies who qualifies for membership in OKNA and therefore may vote and hold office. Under a city Office of Neighborhood Involvement interpretation of neighborhood bylaws, it is possible that anyone who happens to be in the neighborhood on the day of a meeting could be eligible to vote. This includes houseless individuals camping illegally in Overlook or squatters occupying a vacant building.

This revision reflects the view that a greater commitment to the neighborhood should be necessary to vote and serve on the board. To that end, this amendment would require residents to provide a legal home address to qualify for membership. That would exclude houseless campers and squatters in vacant buildings. However, it would not preclude a houseless village that has from receiving full membership privileges. A city-sanctioned and permitted houseless village would have a legal address, and its residents therefore would qualify for OKNA membership. Alternatively, a houseless village with a nonprofit component could have a designated representative member in OKNA.

Businesses and non-profits in the neighborhood would continue to be eligible to have a designated member in OKNA.


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Overlook Neighborhood Update (Aug. 4)

1) Overlook House ice cream social (Aug. 6)
2) Special Olympics at adidas moved to Sunday (Aug. 6)
3) Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) meeting (Aug. 14)
4) OKNA bylaws updates
5) Remaining safe in public in a tense climate
6) Friends of Trees seeks Overlook volunteer
7) The Alibi Tiki Lounge turns 70 (Aug. 19)

1) Overlook House ice cream social (Aug. 6)

Are you feeling the heat these past few days? Come cool off with some ice cream at the Overlook House’s ice cream social and bike parade on Sunday. It’s a great opportunity to support the beloved Historic Overlook House and to meet your neighbors. The even it open to the public with ice cream, hot dogs and sausage, beer and non-alcoholic beverages available for sale.

Kids and kids at heard can begin gathering for the bike parade at 2, with the parade starting at 3 and ending at the Overlook House for ice cream. Learn more on our website.

Ice cream social and bike parade
Sunday, Aug. 6, 2-6 p.m.
Overlook House (3839 N Melrose Dr.)


2) Special Olympics at adidas moved to Sunday (Aug. 6)

Due to the high heat forecast for this weekend, the Special Olympics Oregon soccer game scheduled for Saturday afternoon has been moved to Sunday morning before things get too hot. No music or announcements will be broadcast over the PA system before 8 a.m., and parking will be provided for all athletes and spectators in the adidas employee garage. Kickoff will be between 8:30 and 9:30, with the event wrapping up by 10:30.

If you’re free Sunday morning, please consider showing up to support these young athletes.


3) Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) meeting (Aug. 14)

Are you prepared for an earthquake or other major emergency? The folks with the Overlook Neighborhood Emergency Team want to help you get ready. Join them for their next meeting at the Lucky Labrador Tap Room on Monday, Aug. 14 to make new friends and learn how you can be ready for disaster. The meeting runs 6:30-8 p.m., but newcomers are encouraged to show up around 6 p.m. to ask questions and meet people. Folks with radios should check-in en route on channel 5.

Overlook NET meeting
Monday, Aug. 14, 6-8 p.m.
Lucky Labrador Tap Room (1700 N Killingsworth Road)


4) OKNA bylaws updates

The OKNA Board has been hard at work revising our bylaws to reflect the way the neighborhood association runs and to better align with bylaws in other neighborhoods. We will ask members to adopt these updates at the Aug. 15 General Meeting, which will be held a the Lucky Labrador Tap Room on N Killingsworth at 6:30 p.m. We’re putting the finishing touches on the changes and will post them at overlookneighborhood.org and to our email list on Tuesday.

At the Aug. 15 meeting, members will consider two items.

First, the board will ask for adoption of a rewrite of the bylaws to reflect how we conduct elections and manage our committees. These technical changes primarily bring our current practices and bylaws into alignment. Several smaller changes are also incorporated to add clarity and increase opportunities for residents to engage.

Second, the board will present revisions to our membership requirements for consideration. This item was separated out to allow for greater discussion.

Both motions will require a two-thirds supermajority vote for approval.


5) Remaining safe in public in a tense climate

Portland has seen an uptick in bigoted intimidation and harassment over the past few months. Incidents range from swastika graffiti to the recent killings on the Max Train, leaving many Portland residents feeling on edge. When encountering these situations, there are many ways to respond to protect and support ourselves, our families and community members, depending on the safety of the situation. No matter how small the action, what we do can go a long way to communicating that hate will not be tolerated in our city.

Many people will not encounter these sorts of incidents. However, it is a good idea to consider personal safety while out in public and how you should react in case you do find yourself in an unexpected situation. The city’s Crime Prevention Program has put together guidance that will help people prepare. Check out the tips online.


6) Friends of Trees seeks Overlook volunteer

The group Friends of Trees is already planning for next spring’s plantings in the Overlook Neighborhood and seeks someone to join the coordinating team. If you’re interested in trees and keeping Overlook green, you can learn more on their website.

Email Litzy Venturi if you’d like to pursue this opportunity.


7) The Alibi Tiki Lounge turns 70 (Aug. 19)

Did you know that The Alibi Restaurant and Lounge is one of the oldest continuously running tiki bars in the country? Opened in 1947, it is a beloved, transcending and iconic institution in Portland.

The Alibi will celebrate its 70th birthday on Aug. 19 with a kid-friendly outdoor luau for neighbors and other fans.

This event will be from 12-7 p.m. and host local and regional tiki vendors, an outdoor Polynesian luau feast, shaved ice cart and outdoor beer garden. Surf rock bands Don and the Quixotes, The Apollo Four, and live band karaoke featuring Karaoke from Hell will provide entertainment. Guests can ride the mechanical shark, and there will be games and activities for kids. In addition, a charity dunk tank featuring local celebrities will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Portland.

Alibi 70th Birthday Luau
Saturday, Aug. 19, 12-7 p.m.
The Alibi Restaurant & Lounge (4024 N Interstate Ave.)

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Cooling centers open

With temperatures forecast to hit 100 degrees the next few days and to remain in the 90s for at least a week, OKNA encourages Overlook residents to take reasonable precautions. Drink plenty of water, wear light-colored clothes if heading outside and avoid doing outdoor work if possible. Also, please check in on potentially vulnerable neighbors such as seniors and people with disabilities.

For most people without air conditioning, the best thing to do is open windows overnight to let cool air in. Then, when temperatures begin to rise in the morning, close all windows and shades. Alternatively, visit a local library or other air-conditioned public facility to avoid the heat.

For seniors and adults with disabilities, Multnomah County is operating three cooling centers. The closest to Overlook is at the intersection of NE Killingsworth Street and Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. Details from the county:

Cooling centers will open Tuesday, Aug. 1 and remain open through at least Monday, Aug. 7 at the locations listed below. The centers may remain open beyond this date if the temperature remains above 90 degrees. All cooling centers will be open from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends.

  • Multnomah County Walnut Park Building, 5325 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Portland
  • Multnomah County East Building, 600 N.E. 8th St., Gresham
  • Hollywood Senior Center, 1820 N.E. 40th Ave., Portland

Transportation to cooling centers can be arranged by calling Ride Connection at 503-226-0700. Advance reservations are encouraged. All rides are free of charge.

Pets and children are welcome at all three cooling center locations. Each location also will have activities including board games and movies. Snacks and water also are available.

Community members are encouraged to check on elderly or vulnerable friends and relatives and also to sign up to receive email alerts about future cooling center openings.

High temperatures can place a dangerous strain on older adults and those with heart and other health issues. According to the National Weather Service, the prolonged record-high temperatures will create a situation in which heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke, are likely.


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Overlook Neighborhood Update (July 29)

1) Overlook House ice cream social and bike parade (Aug. 6)
2) Overlook Neighborhood Association board meeting (Aug. 1)
3) Special Olympics Oregon coming to adidas (Aug. 5)
4) Adidas leases space across the river
5) Protected bike lane on N Greeley Avenue postponed
6) Protect your home from water theft

1) Ice cream social and bike parade (Aug. 6)

Come out Sunday, Aug. 6, for the Overlook House bike parade and ice cream social. Kids and kids-at-heart are encouraged to decorate their bikes and assemble at the Overlook-Shaver-Castle triangle, just up the street from Overlook House. Starting at 2 p.m., Olive and Dingo, the grand marshals, will provide entertainment. The parade itself begins at 3 p.m. and will wind through Overlook.

After the parade, riders and anyone else can head to the Overlook House for the annual ice cream social. Hot dogs, beer, nonalcoholic beverages and, of course, delicious ice cream sundaes will be available for sale. As in past years, there will be fun and prizes. Penny’s Puppets and Tallulah’s Daddy will provide entertainment for the kids. We invite all Overlook and surrounding neighbors to the event.

The event is still looking for a few volunteers to help make it a success. Please contact Michelle at the Overlook House at 503-208-7312 or coordinator@historicoverlookhouse.org if you can help.
The ice cream social is organized by the Friends of the Overlook House, with presenting sponsor Erin Rothrock of Hasson Company Realtors.

See you all there!

Ice cream social and bike parade
Sunday, Aug. 6, 2-6 p.m.
Overlook House (3839 N Melrose Dr.)

2) OKNA board meeting (Aug. 1)

The Overlook Neighborhood Association board will meet on Tuesday to discuss neighborhood business. Topics on the agenda include editing the upcoming edition of the Overlook Views newsletter, an update on mediation with Hazelnut Grove and the September general meeting. View the full agenda.

OKNA Board Meeting
Tuesday, Aug. 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Overlook House (3839 N Melrose Dr.)

3) Special Olympics coming to adidas (Aug. 5)

Adidas has let the neighborhood know that an upcoming event at the campus in Overlook could impact neighbors briefly on Saturday, Aug. 5.

Adidas is a major supporter of the Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) program, and in an effort to provide a space for these young athletes, they’ve offered to host a match for their local Timbers-affiliated soccer team.

In an effort to alleviate disturbance to neighbors in Overlook, the company is directing all attendees to park in the adidas Employee Parking Garage. There will be several speakers set up for event officials to make announcements to players, parents and other supporters before and during the match. The event set-up will begin about 2 p.m. with the game commencing at 5 p.m. and lasting for two 30-minute halves.

Neighbors and the public are welcome to attend this free event and cheer on the athletes.

4) Adidas leases space across the river

One of the steps adidas is taking to alleviate parking pressure on neighborhood streets is to relocate some divisions to other sites in Portland. The company recently announced it has leased 80,000 square feet in the Montgomery Park building, which is visible across the river from Overlook.

5) Protected bike lane on N Greeley Avenue postponed

In February, we shared a BikePortland story about a protected bike lane for N Greeley Avenue. Construction had been planned to kick off by August, but now BikePortland reports that the Portland Bureau of Transportation will delay part of the project until 2018. A buffered bike lane between N Going and N Killingsworth will still be installed this summer. The busy section of Greeley between Going and N Interstate Avenue, however, will wait.

Read more about this change at BikePortland.

6) Protect your home from water theft

Recent media reports about water theft from outdoor faucets have raised awareness for many Portlanders. The Portland Water Bureau has advice about how to protect yourself.

Hose bib locks are designed to secure a faucet from unauthorized tampering and water theft. Many locks fit three-quarter inch (¾”) garden hose thread faucets and are perfect for securing vacant homes, winterizing, or anytime you want to have full control of water use from your hose bib.

Hose bib locks are small, inexpensive, easy to install, and can be found at most local home improvement stores and online.

And if you wake up one morning to find your spigot spewing water and you suspect foul play, call the police and make a report.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (July 21)

1) Overlook yard sale and free share (July 22-23)
2) Beware of door-to-door scammers
3) Summer Spay Spectacular (August 1-31)
4) Grants available for special projects
5) Walking tours of North Portland (July 27 and Aug. 15)

1) Overlook yard sale and free share (July 22-23)

This weekend is the Overlook yard sale and free share. On Saturday, more than two dozen neighbors will host yard sales. Swing by to catch up with your neighbors and see what treasures they have available.

On Sunday, neighbors who still want to part with things that didn’t sell or weren’t even for sale are encouraged to leave them near the curb with for anyone to take for free. After a day or two, we ask that you bring these items back inside or donate them to Goodwill, Community Warehouse, Salvation Army, or similar organization, to help keep the streets looking clean.

See the map below for all of the participating homes. Through reuse we are helping to minimize our neighborhood’s waste stream as well as reminding each other of the inherent value and embodied energy that all of these material “things” possess.

Every year lots of great deals abound as we turn unwanted items into newfound treasures.

2) Beware of door-to-door scammers

With the warm weather, scammers are out in force going door-to-door. Some even pose as city employees. The Portland Water Bureau offers these additional tips to avoid being scammed:

  • Do not open the door to someone you don’t know.
  • Ask for proper official identification.
  • Look for a city utility vehicle.
  • Call the police if you feel suspicious about someone at your door.
  • Share information about suspicious people with your neighbors.
  • Ask for the person’s purpose for being there.
  • Do not allow anyone unknown to enter your home without a bona fide prior appointment.
  • Water Bureau employees always drive vehicles with a “Publicly Owned” license plate and will carry identification badges.

3) Summer Spay Spectacular (August 1-31)

Have you seen a stray cat wandering the neighborhood? Just gotten a new kitten? In August, the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon will offer FREE spay/neuter services for stray and feral cats as part of their Summer Spay Spectacular special. Kittens weighing 2 pounds or greater also qualify for the special. If you are feeding outdoor stray or feral cats, or know someone who is, this special is for you. In addition to being spayed/neutered, the cats receive vaccines, and treatment for fleas, earmites and tapeworms.

Call 503-797-2606 to reserve your spot.

4) Grants available for special projects

The Portland City Council approved $1 million for one-time special appropriations. Residents and groups with projects in mind can apply for grants.

$350,000 has been allocated to The Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) for the Portland United Against Hate (PUAH) competitive grants process. Funding may be awarded under the following opportunities:

  • Capacity Building
  • Data Collections and Analysis

The remaining $650,000 will be awarded to projects for:

  • Expanding Opportunities for Youth
  • Community-Based Arts and Culture
  • Expanding Economic Opportunities for Portlanders
  • Community Health

More info on PUAH project. Interested parties also should consider attending an information session on Tuesday, July 25, 6-7:30 p.m. in the Lovejoy Room on the second floor of City Hall.

5) Walking tours of North Portland (July 27 and Aug. 15)

The Architectural Heritage Center will lead two upcoming walking tours in North Portland:

Historic Albina

Thursday, July 27 at 6 p.m.

Once a separate city from Portland, Albina has a lengthy and diverse history – along with some fascinating architecture. This tour explores old Albina from stories of early proprietors and its development as a railroad town, to its transformation into the heart of Portland’s African-American community and the impacts of urban renewal.

Kenton Neighborhood

Tuesday, Aug. 15 at 10 a.m.

In the early 20th century, Kenton was the heart of Portland’s meat packing industry and home to the largest livestock exchange on the West Coast. Swift & Company, through various subsidiaries, platted, developed, and heavily influenced the industrial, commercial and residential growth of Kenton. This tour shows how a dominant employer influenced the housing stock of management and labor in a neighborhood that possessed many elements of a company town.

Be sure to register online as space is limited.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (July 14)

1) OKNA General Meeting (July 18)
2) Upcoming events at Adidas
3) Willamette River Festival & Movie in the Park (July 30)
4) Earthquake practice (July 15)

1) OKNA General Meeting (July 18)

Come hang out with your Overlook neighbors on Tuesday at Lucky Labrador Tap room for the July OKNA general meeting. We’ll talk about Adidas, Hazelnut Grove and more.

The full Lucky Lab menu will be available as well as the usual adult and non-alcoholic beverages. Dining during the meeting supports a local eatery and thanks them for hosting our meeting.

Overlook Neighborhood Association General Meeting (agenda)
Tuesday, July 18, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Lucky Labrador Tap Room (1700 N Killingsworth St.)


2) Upcoming events at Adidas

When representatives of the neighborhood met with Adidas about parking and improving relationships between Overlook and the company, one of the promises the company made was to share a calendar of events so that everyone would know when there might be increased traffic or amplified sound.

Adidas is making good on that promise and recently sent its first update.

Adidas Village Events

  • July 25 – Social Purpose Celebration (East side plaza)
  • July 28 – Employee Fitness Challenge (East side plaza and soccer field)
  • Aug. 10 – PT&E Tennis event (Tennis court)
  • Aug. 23 – All Employees Timbers game and Party (TBD)
  • Oct. 11 – Culture Day at the Village (TBD)
  • We’ll continue to update this calendar as we learn about new events.


3) Willamette River Festival & Movie in the Park (July 30)

All of North Portland is connected to the Willamette River. We enjoy it even as we are its stewards. The Willamette River Festival is a chance to celebrate this natural resource.

The festival will feature live music, dance, food carts and free kayak tours. For a full list of bands visit WillametteRiverFestival.org.

Free kayak tours led by Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe will allow those first signed up to experience the river first hand with expert guidance. Novices should sign up for the first paddle at 1:30 p.m. that includes instruction.

The event also will include a raffle, bicycle registration, a children’s activity area, walking tour of the future North Portland Greenway Trail and more. Occidental Brewing next to the park will host festival goers.

At dusk, there will be a showing of the movie Upriver, a documentary about the Willamette and current efforts to restore it.


4) Earthquake practice (July 15)

A reminder that the Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) of Overlook and Arbor Lodge/Kenton invite you to test your family and community emergency plans during a joint call-up exercise on Saturday.

NET members are trained to provide neighborhood emergency disaster assistance. They will save lives and property until professional responders can arrive.

Learn more.


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Overlook Neighborhood Update (July 9)

1) How to contact Adidas
2) Movie in Overlook Park (July 16)

1) How to contact Adidas

At the recent meeting between Adidas and the Overlook Neighborhood, the company promised to provide an email address neighbors can use to report problems. That address is now live at overlook@adidas.com. Neighbors can share problems with Adidas employees or guests as well as compliments about what Adidas is getting right. The more specific you can be, the better. For example, if a car if blocking a driveway or there is litter, say where and when it occurred. Did you get a license plate number? Include it.

The Overlook Neighborhood Association will continue to work with Adidas on addressing parking issues and improving relationships with the neighborhood.

KGW had a story about the current parking concerns.

2) Movie in Overlook Park (July 16)

Summer is in full swing, and that means that Portland Parks and Recreation is hosting movies and concerts in parks throughout the city. Hundreds of events are scheduled, and you can view the complete list here.

Next Sunday, Overlook Park will host a movie, “El Libro de la Vida” (“The Book of Life”). The fun kicks off at 6 p.m. with music and other entertainment, with the movie starting after dark. The movie will be presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

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