Overlook Neighborhood Update (June 17)

1) Design OKNA’s new logo
2) OKNA’s June general meeting
3) Adidas opens Montgomery Park offices
4) Celebrate Juneteenth at the North Portland Library on Sunday
5) I-5 tolling and impacts on Overlook
6) Safe Routes to School projects selected

Do you have a love of graphic design and your neighborhood? The Overlook Neighborhood Association is considering changing its logo, and you can help. Join your neighbors who have already submitted some great ideas and maybe your design will grace our neighborhood newsletter, website and more. We are accepting submissions until July 1. Email your sketches, ideas or finished designs to info@overlookneighborhood.org.

2) OKNA’s June general meeting

The Overlook Neighborhood Association will meet on Tuesday, June 19, 6:30-8:20 p.m. at Kaiser Town Hall. Join your neighbors to learn more about what’s happening in Overlook. Topics on this month’s agenda include a development proposal for 4212 N Interstate Ave., the adidas expansion project and more.

3) Adidas opens Montgomery Park offices

While addias pursues its expansion plans at its Overlook campus, it has also opened new office space in the Montgomery Park building across the river. According to a story by the Portland Business Journal, the company has the entire sixth floor, with 80,000 square feet.

The move included relocating the company’s employee store from Overlook to Montgomery Park’s second floor. The Overlook store is now closed, and the company hopes that will reduce some of the spill-over parking onto neighborhood streets.

4) Celebrate Juneteenth at the North Portland Library on Sunday

June 19 marks the day – more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation became effective – that Union soldiers read a general order announcing the end of slavery in Texas. We celebrate that day as Juneteenth, and events are underway in Portland.

The North Portland libraries will host two events this afternoon:

  • Free to Read: A Juneteenth Celebration. From 2 to 4 p.m. June 17 at the Kenton Library, Eva Abram of Rainwater Storytelling will share a story about Charles Mitchell – a story of slavery in the Northwest. There will be crafts, books, giveaways and light refreshments. For more information, visit the library’s website.
  • Juneteenth: Words Along the Way. North Portland Library will commemorate Juneteenth with words and music by PassinArt from 3 to 4:30 p.m. For more information, visit the library’s website.

5) I-5 tolling and impacts on Overlook

A representative from the Oregon Department of Transportation presented potential interstate tolling plans — which ODOT calls value pricing — for the Portland area at last month’s OKNA general meeting. One of the top contenders is to charge motorists on Interstate 5 between the Going Street/Alberta Street exits at the north end and the Multnomah Boulevard exit at the south end.

The Going Street/Alberta Street I-5 exits are in the Overlook neighborhood, and starting tolls there could create an incentive for motorists to divert onto neighborhood streets to avoiding paying them. A consultant’s report to the committee overseeing the tolling project noted, “Diversion from freeways in off-peak periods may increase the likelihood of motor vehicle crashes on the potentially impacted roadways and at intersections. Additionally, nonvehicular travel (e.g., bicyclists and pedestrians) on diversion routes could experience increased conflicts with motor vehicles during off-peak periods, which could increase crash frequency.”

Nevertheless, the consultant recommends using this option – called Concept B – as a test run of tolling in Portland. It did not, however, include any recommended mitigation to ensure Overlook and other nearby neighbors are kept safe from cut-through traffic.

OKNA is monitoring this situation, and the board welcomes residents’ input to info@overlookneighborhood.org. In the meantime, you can learn more about the proposal at the official website. You can comment on the proposals online or by email to valuepricingpac@odot.state.or.us. Finally, a public meeting of the committee will take place on June 25, 9-noon at the ODOT Region 1 Offices. It will include an opportunity for public comment if you’d like to speak to the committee in person.

6) Safe Routes to School projects selected

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has selected 88 safety and improvement projects to be funded by the voter-approved local gas tax. You can view a map of all of the selected projects online. None was of the projects proposed for the Overlook neighborhood was chosen.

Across Portland, the top concern heard by PBOT staff was unsafe crossings. Parents and students noted that major street crossings were the biggest barrier in walking to school. Missing sidewalks and traffic speed were also major safety concerns. Students and families confirmed that they prefer to take the shortest path and not to walk more than one or two blocks out of their way to use a better route or crossing.

Construction on the 88 projects will begin this year and should be completed by 2021.

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Overlook Neighborhood update (June 10)

1) Adidas expansion update
2) Learn how to fix your bike

1) Adidas expansion update

Adidas has been communicating with the neighborhood for months about its campus expansion plans. It now has sent the official notice to the neighborhood about the new buildings as required by the city. The company will attend the Overlook Neighborhood Association’s June 19 General Meeting to present updates and hear residents’ input.

Adidas already has presented its plans at a voluntary Design Advice Request before the city’s Design Commission at two public meetings. We linked to the results of the first meeting previously, and the results of the second meeting are now available. Read them here.

Among its findings, the Design Commission’s report states, “Commissioners noted that continued efforts to work with the Neighborhood Association and adjacent neighbors most immediately impacted would be fruitful to continue, particularly on matters of social behavior Adidas and the Neighborhood can agree upon.”

The full agenda for the June 19 meeting will be included in next week’s neighborhood update.

2) Learn how to fix your bike

The North Portland Tool Library will hold a free Bike Basics Workshop on June 17, noon-2 p.m. in the parking lot of Farrell Realty (4772 N Lombard St.). Learn the nuts and bolts of bike repair and maintenance at this free workshop. The first 20 attendees will receive a complimentary bike light, courtesy of Farrell Realty.

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Overlook Neighborhood update (May 27)

1) Memorial Day weekend
2) Neighborhood cleanup a huge success
3) Get earthquake ready
4) OKNA June 5 board meeting canceled
5) Mark your calendar for neighborhood yard sale/free share

1) Memorial Day weekend

The Overlook Neighborhood Association hopes you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Get outside and safely enjoy the beautiful Portland weather. Cookout season is upon us.

But as you play, don’t forget to take a moment to remember the reason for the holiday by reflecting on the military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country. We owe them all an incalculable debt.

2) Neighborhood cleanup a huge success

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the 30 people who volunteered last Saturday at the annual neighborhood cleanup. Overlook residents and businesses appreciate the time and energy donated to pick up trash from the curbs and sidewalks and to remove graffiti and stickers from poles and other public structures. This year, the cleanup crews focused on Interstate, Alberta and Killingsworth, all of which look spiffier thanks to their efforts.

Residents also took advantage of the opportunity for some spring cleaning around the house, dropping off broken TVs, printers, fans and other useless household stuff.

All total, the neighborhood cleanup collected 1,900 pounds – nearly a ton! – of garbage and other waste.

Special thanks go out to:

  • Our sponsors: Metro, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, City Recycle and OKNA,
  • adidas employees who volunteered with our cleanup and adidas for donating many prizes that were raffled off to volunteers,
  • Grand Central Bakery for pastries and Blend for coffee.

Remember, cleanups can be done any time and aren’t limited to the organized annual event. If you’d like to clean up your block or an area close to your home but lack the right supplies, let us know. We’ll help you get what you need. Write us at info@overlookneighborhood.org.

3) Get earthquake ready

Are you ready for the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake? Find out at a June 10, 1-2:30 p.m. program at North Portland Library. You’ll learn what to expect and how to prepare physically and psychologically for a major geological event.

Participants will walk through what to expect and how to prepare for each stage of a major earthquake: during the shaking, immediately after and in the days/weeks/months to follow. You’ll learn how to prioritize and customize your planning, as well as how to involve your neighbors in this important work. You’ll also learn what’s being done by government and schools to prepare for the Big One, and you’ll hear what local Neighborhood Emergency Teams are doing to prepare for the quake.

Register for this free event.

4) OKNA June board meeting canceled

It’s summer, and the Overlook Neighborhood Association Board is taking a break. The June 5 board meeting has been canceled. The June 19 general meeting will take place as usual.

5) Mark your calendar for Overlook Yard Sale & Free Share

Doing some spring cleaning and noticing some items you’re ready to part with?  Thinking you might want to do a yard sale this summer?  Mark your calendars for this year’s Overlook Yard Sale & Free Share, July 21-22.

As we’ve done for the past seven years, set up shop in your yard or garage on Saturday, July 21. By organizing our yard sales as a neighborhood on the same day with coordinated advertising we attract more visitors … and buyers!  We also get a chance to get to know our neighbors while decluttering our homes.

Then, on Sunday, we’ll do the Free Share in which anyone can put items curbside, such as the stuff that didn’t sell the day before, and offer it up as free to neighbors. In this way we part with unused items, extend their lifecycles, and spare them from the landfill.

As in past years, we’ll advertise this sale online as well as throughout the neighborhood.  During the week leading up, we’ll post an interactive map showing each address that is participating to help visitors track down each sale.  If you would like to sign up to participate in this year’s Yard Sale and get added to the map, please visit  to fill out a quick sign-up form online. If you have any questions or suggestions, let Josh know via sustainable@overlookneighborhood.org.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (May 11)

1) I-5 tolling and adidas at OKNA General Meeting
2) Beach School spring plant sale this weekend
3) Annual Overlook Neighborhood cleanup next weekend

1) I-5 tolling and adidas at OKNA General Meeting

Join your neighbors at the May Overlook Neighborhood General Meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Kaiser Town Hall. Oregon Department of Transportation representatives will share information about Value Pricing (also known as congestion tolling) on Interstate 5, including through North Portland. A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

This topic is acutely important to residents of North Portland neighborhoods around I-5, including Overlook, Arbor Lodge, Kenton, Boise and others. Tolls could incentivize commuters to divert onto local streets such as N Interstate Avenue, N Greeley Avenue, N Denver Avenue and the Vancouver-Williams corridor. If those become overcrowded, cut-through traffic could further push into residential neighborhoods.

Also on Tuesday, officials from adidas will update the neighborhood about their evolving expansion plans. Check out the full agenda for the meeting.

2) Beach School spring plant sale this weekend

Resilience Design’s spring plant sale will benefit the garden program at Overlook’s Beach Elementary School. Come see the renovated garden and pollinator meadow and shop for local and organic native plants, fruit trees and berries, herbs, seeds, tomatoes, and more.

The sale will take place at Beach School on Friday, 3-6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

3) Annual Overlook Neighborhood cleanup next weekend

Don’t forget to join your neighbors on Saturday, May 19, 10-noon at the parking lot of Bethel Lutheran Church (5658 N. Denver) for Overlook’s annual neighborhood sprucing up. As we did last year, we’ll focus our energies along Denver, Greeley, Killingsworth and Interstate.

Learn more about the cleanup.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (May 6)

1) Beach School spring plant sale
2) Annual Overlook Neighborhood cleanup
3) Adidas expansion update
4) City of Portland budget hearing
5) Bike to books coloring contest returns
6) TriMet listening sessions
7) Don’t forget to vote

1) Beach School spring plant sale

Resilience Design’s spring plant sale will benefit the garden program at Overlook’s Beach Elementary School. Come see the renovated garden and pollinator meadow and shop for local and organic native plants, fruit trees and berries, herbs, seeds, tomatoes, and more.

The sale will take place at Beach School on Friday, May 11, 3-6 p.m. and Saturday May 12, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

2) Annual Overlook Neighborhood cleanup

Join us on Saturday, May 19, 10-noon at the parking lot of Bethel Lutheran Church (5658 N. Denver) for Overlook’s annual neighborhood sprucing up. As we did last year, we’ll focus our energies along Denver, Greeley, Killingsworth and Interstate.

We know other activities compete for your attention on a Saturday, so if you volunteer, we’ll show our gratitude in the following ways:

You will get a beautiful organic plant grown by neighbor Mulysa Melco of Resilience Design and will be entered into a raffle to win gift cards and other items donated by adidas .

You can throw into our dumpster free of charge your bulky waste too big for your home garbage can, not recyclable and not reusable (one load limit).

Allowed materials: Broken weird stuff stored in basements, attics and garages that are not on the list of prohibited materials below; electronics — anything with a cord except for appliances (New this year!); and block Styrofoam (no peanuts).

Prohibited materials: Yard debris, dirt and tree stumps; treated or painted wood; hazardous materials, including light bulbs, batteries and paint; household garbage; construction, demolition and remodeling debris; roofing materials; insulation; anything containing asbestos or lead paint.

Neighbors who don’t volunteer may pay a fee to drop off bulky waste: a load brought by bike, walk-up or car ($5); a load brought by pickup truck ($10); television ($5 each); CRT monitor ($5 each).

We reserve the right to refuse materials if prohibited or dumpster is full.

We thank our sponsors: Metro, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS), the Overlook Neighborhood Association and City Recycle LLC.

Please write us at info@overlookneighborhood.org with questions.

3) Adidas expansion update

Representatives of adidas presented their expansion plans to the city Design Commission on April 26. Several Overlook neighbors testified at the public hearing about concerns they have with the project. OKNA Chair Chris Trejbal also attended to answer questions from the commission. After public testimony, adidas unveiled that it is revising its design plans to incorporate building step-backs and other elements to reduce the visual massing of the new buildings.

The Design Commission provided recommendations for the project in a memorandum. The executive summary notes:

  • Commission highlighted this is both an incredible Design Team and an incredible neighborhood. Please continue to work closely with Staff, the Overlook Neighborhood Association & adjacent neighbors on N Sumner and Delaware.
  • The location and massing all three buildings are working well. Continue to refine their architecture, particularly at the north building with additional articulation of the massing.
  • The pedestrian walkway frontages along the new buildings shows much improvement from the existing conditions, particularly with active programming along the pedestrian easements and public spaces.

Adidas will return for a second design advice request hearing May 24, 1:30 p.m.  at 1900 SW Fourth Ave., Room 2500A. That hearing will focus on architecture and landscaping. The public is welcome at attend and comment.

Adidas representatives also will present updates to the project and preview their design advice presentation at the May 15 OKNA General Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

And be sure to read OKNA’s weekly update for news about the project. Adidas will continue to ensure that all neighbors know what’s happening through our neighborhood communication channels.

4) City of Portland budget hearing

The City of Portland will hold a public meeting about the annual budget on Thursday, 6-8 p.m. at City Hall. The purpose of this meeting is for the Mayor and City Council to receive testimony from Portland residents regarding the citywide budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Testimony tickets will be available an hour and a half prior to start time. They will be drawn at random throughout the course of the event. Each speaker will have two minutes to address the council.

Please see these links for details about the budget process and for other ways to make your voice heard:

5) Bike to books coloring contest returns

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and Multnomah County Library, with support from Metro, are celebrating Bike Month with “Bike to Books,” a program to encourage residents to ride their bicycle to their local library.

As part of the program, PBOT and Multnomah County Library are bringing back Portland’s “Bike to Books” Bike Month coloring contest. Students living in Multnomah County from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th Grade are invited to design bike lane art for installation in one of the City’s bike lanes. In 2017, in the first year of our Bike to Books program, PBOT crews installed four winning Bike to Books bike lane art designs near each winning artist’s neighborhood library branch.

Coloring pages can be picked up at all Multnomah County Library branches (click here for locations) or downloaded online. Contestants must drop-off their entry at a library branch in person, to be entered into the contest. Full contest rules are available online.

In addition to the coloring contest, every person who bikes to a Multnomah County Library branch will receive a free bike light provided by Metro (while supplies last). Special Bike Storytimes for young readers are also being offered at numerous library branches across the county.

6) TriMet listening sessions

TriMet, the regional public transit provider, has a new general manager who wants to hear from residents about services. Doug Kelsey will host a series of town hall listening sessions to hear ideas and concerns, and to answer questions about TriMet. Attendees at the sessions will find snacks and a free Hop card valued at $5 (supplies limited).

You can find a complete list of the sessions and RSVP online. Closest to Overlook will be the May 17 session, noon-1 p.m. at the White Stag Building downtown and May 31 session at Legacy Emanuel Hospital, 5-6 p.m. in the Lorenzen Conference Center.

7) Don’t forget to vote

Ballots for the May 15 primary election are out. Don’t forget to mail yours or drop it off at an official drop off site, such as the North Portland Library. Several important items are on the ballot this year, including Independent, Democratic and Republican primaries as well as races for Portland City Council, Multnomah County Commission and judges.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (April 28)

1) OKNA Board Meeting
2) Grant funding available for North Portland projects
3) Ride Biketown for free in May
4) Street maintenance on N Rosa Parks Way

1) OKNA Board Meeting

The Overlook Neighborhood Association Board will meet on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Historic Overlook House. Items on the agenda include the future of Overlook Views newsletter, guests at the May General Meeting, air quality and more. The meeting is open for the public to attend and observe.

2) Grant funding available for North Portland projects

The Board of Directors of the Lester Viles North Portland Project Association announces its 2018 funding cycle. Founded in 2007 with a bequest by the estate of North Portland businessperson Lester Viles, LVNPPA believes that strong businesses are an integral part of vibrant communities, and we help North Portland businesses grow and thrive through community improvement grants.

Each year, LVNPPA awards approximately $10,000 to community groups, small businesses or organizations in North Portland, funding projects that aim to enhance the community.

Applications must be received by 5 p.m. on May 31. Grant awards will be announced by June 30.

To learn more about LVNPPA, funding priorities, application materials and prior grantees, visit lvnppa.org.

3) Ride Biketown for free in May

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and Biketown have announced a special promotion for the month of May – ride free all month and park free at any public bike rack in the entire Biketown service area.

New and existing Biketown riders will all qualify for 90 minutes of free ride time per day. After 90 minutes of daily use, users will be charged 10 cents per minute. Annual members of the bike share program will receive a promotional code for a $12 discount to cover their membership fee for the month. The promotion applies to Biketown’s sister programs as well – Adaptive Biketown, which makes biking accessible for people with disabilities, and Biketown for All, which offers discounted Biketown memberships to Portland-area residents living on low incomes.

Throughout the month of May, Biketown riders will be able to park their bikes at any public bike rack within the Biketown service area for no additional fee, expanding on the program’s pre-existing Super Hub Zones. PBOT and Biketown will also offer “Waterfront Wednesdays” — free, guided bike rides from Waterfront Park at noon every Wednesday in May for people interested in trying Biketown in a comfortable, low-stress setting on Better Naito and the Eastbank Esplanade. Meet at the Biketown station at SW Salmon at Naito, across the street from Salmon Springs Fountain.

People interested in taking advantage of BIKETOWN’s free ride promotion must sign upthrough the website, mobile app or at a station kiosk and select the “Single Ride” plan. Current BIKETOWN Annual Members can log in to their account, choose “Memberships” and apply the “BIKEMONTH18” promo code to their existing account. Day passes will still be charged $12 for three hours of ride time.

4) Street maintenance on N Rosa Parks Way

The Portland Bureau of Transportation began street improvements on N Rosa Parks Way from N Willamette Boulevard to N Delaware Avenue this week, and work is expected to continue through May 7. The work will take place from 7 a.m. through 4 p.m. each work day and weekend.

The lane closures will allow crews to grind and pave 1.75 lane miles of pavement. Streets with ground down surfaces are open for travel. Lane closures are only in effect during project hours.  Access will be maintained for businesses and residents during the project.

The traveling public is advised to expect delays while repairs are being made. Please travel cautiously, observe all lane closures and directions by reader boards and flaggers, and use alternate routes if possible.

This work is weather-dependent and the schedule may change.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (April 13)

1) OKNA General Meeting
2) Free spay/neuter for cats
3) Register to vote by April 24
4) Landslide zones in Overlook
5) Portland is fixing potholes
6) Portland water survey

1) OKNA General Meeting

Join your neighbors on Tuesday, April 17 at the Overlook Neighborhood Association General Meeting. We’ll learn about the city’s Residential Infill Project, receive an update on the residential development project at 1935 N Killingsworth St., and hear about what’s going on at the Hazelnut Grove homeless camp and Greeley Forest Garden. The full agenda is available here.

2) Free spay/neuter for cats

FCCO-spring-special2018 flyerSpring is in the air, and that’s the season for kitty love. Cats are breeding, including the feral felines that live in the neighborhood. Getting cats spayed/neutered this Spring will reduce nuisance behaviors like yowling, cat flights and spraying, and it will prevent unwanted litters of kittens this summer.

The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is offering a free spay/neuter special for feral and stray cats through May 15. Make an appointment today and use promo code: spring18. Call 503-797-2606 or visit feralcats.com to schedule your appointment. FCCO is located in SW Portland just off I-5.  

Individuals feeding feral or stray cats qualify for free services, regardless of income or where they live. Pet cat prices are on a sliding scale starting at $15. Make sure your kitty is healthy and kitten-free for life.

Learn more by clicking on the image to see the official flyer.

3) Register to vote by April 24

The May 15 primary election is fast approaching. Several important local races will appear on the ballot including two contested City Council seats. April 24 is the last day for voters to change their party registration. Please make sure your voter registration is up-to-date and remind your friends to do the same.

If you have recently moved, changed your name, or haven’t received a ballot in a while, please ensure that your registration is updated. You can check or update your registration status by visiting the State Election Division’s online portal.

This year, the Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) has opened its primary election to non-affiliated voters. Those voters may vote in the IPO primary election without changing their registration by requesting an IPO ballot from their local county clerk by clicking here to download the form and instructions.

The Democratic and Republican parties again this year will use closed primaries to select their nominees. Only registered members of the party may participate.

As usual, non-affiliated voters and members of minor political parties that do not participate in the IPO primary will be mailed a ballot that includes all nonpartisan races for which they are eligible to vote.

The state’s minor political parties hold their own nominating processes for partisan offices, usually after the May Primary. View a list of all of the state’s political parties with information and links about how to contact them.

4) Landslide zones in Overlook

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) has completed a study mapping landslide hazard areas in Multnomah County, and it found several in Overlook. Check out their interactive map to see if your home is at risk. You can also read about steps homeworkers can take to reduce their risk.

“Even a few inches of movement during landslides can cause serious damage,” says Bill Burns, engineering geologist and lead author of the DOGAMI study. “Thousands of landslides have occurred in Multnomah County since the 1970s, and are continuing to happen every year.”

The study, which included the cities of Portland, Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, and Wood Village, shows areas where taking action to reduce landslide risk could make a big difference. About 37,000 people live in and about $8.7 billion in buildings and land value are located in areas with high landslide susceptibility. About 6,700 of those people and $1.65 billion of building and land value is atop land that’s actually slid in the past.

5) Portland is fixing potholes

Late winter freezes and snow flurries left Portland streets with hundreds of potholes. Crews with the Portland Bureau of Transportation quickly switched from snow and ice clearing to pothole patching, placing extra crews on pothole work to get through a backlog of more than 500 reports submitted by everyday Portlanders.

For two weeks in March, PBOT assigned nine crews to focus on repairing potholes on city streets, up from the two crews assigned to potholes on a normal day. Workers who typically would be re-paving roads, patching utility cuts or other preventive maintenance were spreading hot asphalt instead.

Crews filled almost 1,445 potholes at more than 350 locations — more than two months’ worth of patches in just two weeks. From March 19 to March 30, the number of pending pothole requests from the public dropped from 297 to 51, as crews responded to reports, often filling multiple potholes at each location.

Report potholes by phone at 503-823-1700, or email pdxroads@portlandoregon.gov or using the PDXReporter.org  web site.

Learn more.

6) Portland water survey

The Portland Water Bureau is working on new treatment processes for the Bull Run drinking water source to meet state and federal regulations for water quality. Future projects include:

  • Corrosion control: Reducing the corrosiveness of Bull Run drinking water to minimize lead in home plumbing from entering drinking water, and
  • Bull Run Filtration: Installation of a filtration plant to remove potential contaminants such as Cryptosporidium.

The Water Bureau wants to hear from residents to help guide initial decisions that will be made on some of the key aspects of the future filtration plant

Take the 5-minute filtration survey to tell the Water Bureau what matters to you most about the quality of your drinking water and the filtration plant.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (April 8)

1) Residential Infill notices
2) Public hearing on adidas expansion
3) Multi-Use Path on Greeley – Answers
4) Congestion pricing on Interstate 5

1) Residential Infill notices

The city has sent out notices to single-family homes whose zoning could change if the Residential Infill Project moves forward.

Owners of more than 135,000 properties recently received the mailing. This is required by state law whenever a change in the zoning could affect the value of a property — up or down. Addresses were pulled from the County Assessor’s Office.

Overlook residents and all of Portland should pay attention to these proposed changes because they could alter the character of residential neighborhoods in coming years.

The first thing to know is that these changes are proposals — not the law. You can learn more about them and tell the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) what you think. Any new rules must be adopted by City Council before they become effective. And before adoption, they are refined and changed based on public testimony, as well as PSC and City Council amendments.

These proposals do not require you to sell your house or do anything to your property or home. They would only apply if you add to your existing house or build a new unit on your land.

Here’s a simple summary of the proposed new rules. You can also learn more on this city site.

2) Public hearing on adidas expansion

Adidas recently put up signs around its campus announcing public “design advice request” meetings with the City Design Commission about its proposed expansion. The meetings will take place on April 26 at 1:30 p.m. and May 24 at 1:30 p.m. Both meetings will be at 1900 SW Fourth Ave., Room 2500A.

There will be an opportunity at the meetings to provide oral and written comment on the project.

Adidas has proposed constructing three buildings on its campus in Overlook: a five-story building on the existing visitor parking lot that will include below-ground parking, a three-story building on the tennis courts and a single-story loading dock in the northwest corner of the campus west of N Greeley Avenue.

Read the formal statement here.

3) Multi-Use Path on Greeley – Answers

At the March Overlook Neighborhood Association General Meeting, Nicole Peirce from the Portland Bureau of Transportation updated neighbors about the upcoming Multi-Use Path on N Greeley Avenue. It will provide new bike and pedestrian travel lanes.

Several questions remained at the end of Peirce’s presentation. She agreed to send answers and has done so. Please see below. Peirce also has offered to return to update the neighborhood closer to the start of construction. We’ll be sure to take her up on that.

Answers from Nicole Peirce:

Did PBOT consider a road diet? Yes, we are looking at various lane reconfigurations for N Greeley.  While we will not be doing a road diet as part of this project, the construction staging will likely require closing a lane in each direction.  This will be a good test to see how Greeley would perform if we did a lane reconfiguration.

What will be the duration of the bike signal?  At least eight seconds of green time.  Discussion is ongoing with the signals engineers.  We will monitor and adjust the timing as needed once the signal is activated.  Also, the diagonal bike movement will be concurrent with southbound vehicles turning left and westbound vehicles turning right.

How will we maintain the MUP? Turns out we do have a small sweeper that will fit on the path.  I’ve been in contact with the supervisors of sweeping in that area so they can figure out how to incorporate sweeping of the path in their workplan.

Where do pedestrians go from the north end of the path?  There are a couple of options for pedestrians at the north end of the path:

There is an existing crosswalk where pedestrians can cross from the east side of the roadway to the west side and then continue north on the sidewalk along the west side of N Greeley.

Pedestrians can also go north along the east side of N Greeley to the stairs on the north side of N Going.  These stairs lead down to the sidewalk/path along the north side of N Going.

What if a bike doesn’t trigger the loops?  In the unlikely event that a cyclist finds their bike is not triggering the loops, please contact PBOT.  We will send our maintenance folks out to adjust the sensitivity of the loop amplifiers until we get the system dialed in.

What if a car breaks down and there are no shoulders? Since there will be two lanes in each direction, a motorist with car trouble would be able to stop in the right-hand travel lane. Working within the cross section space available, the PBOT design team made the decision to eliminate shoulders to be able to accommodate a separated MUP.  The team feels that the safety benefit of the separated MUP outweighs the benefit of having shoulders on this stretch of road.

4) Congestion pricing on Interstate 5

The Oregon Department of Transportation will hold four public open houses in April to discuss the use of congestion pricing to help improve travel times and reliability on Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 in the Portland area. In addition, an online open house with information about the plan is open through April 19.

ODOT also will visit the Overlook Neighborhood Association General Meeting on May 15 to let residents know how the plans might affect North Portland specifically. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming OKNA emails. In the meantime, residents can start to learn about and comment on the proposal.

The public may share experiences with congestion and express their views on congestion pricing either online or at the upcoming open houses in Oregon City, Tigard, Southeast Portland and Northeast Portland near Portland International Airport:

  • Thursday, April 12, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Museum of Oregon Territory, 211 Tumwater Drive, Oregon City.
  • Saturday, April 14, 10 a.m. to noon, Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 S.E. 112th, Portland.
  • Wednesday April 18, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Tigard Public Works Auditorium, 8777 S.W. Burnham St., Tigard.
  • Saturday April 21, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Embassy Suites Airport, Pine Room, 7900 N.E. 82nd, Portland.

Congestion pricing, also known as value pricing, refers to tolling options that are specifically designed to improve traffic flow. Congestion pricing systems charge higher prices for driving on a road when demand is greater, in the morning and evening rush hours, for example.

Some drivers choose to travel on other routes, at different times of the day or on other modes of transportation. Communities across the US have found these tools effective in improving traffic conditions and enhancing travel time reliability.

The open houses will be informal, drop-in events with ODOT project team members stationed throughout the room to provide materials, discuss the options and answer questions.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (April 1)

1) Help improve N Willamette Boulevard – Survey
2) Comment on the city’s budget
3) OKNA Board meeting

1) Help improve N Willamette Boulevard – Survey

North PDX Connected is an active transportation plan to improve safety and access for non-motorized travel within the N Willamette Boulevard corridor. They are seeking input from community members about how residents and users would improve Willamette and surrounding streets such as N Greeley Avenue and N Ainsworth Street. The anonymous survey takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Your input will be used by the project team — five students in Portland State University’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning program — to guide their final recommendations for the corridor. The project client, Willamette Corridor Mobility Coalition (WCMC), intends to present the plan to PBOT for implementation.

Take the survey here.

2) Comment on the city’s budget

It’s budget-writing season down at City Hall, and city council is hosting several forums to hear from residents about their priorities for city spending. They will come to North Portland on Tuesday, April 17, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Roosevelt High School, Commons (6941 N Central St.)

Testimony tickets will be available an hour and a half prior to start time. They will be drawn at random throughout the course of the event. Each speaker will have two minutes to address the Council.

Please see these links for details about the budget process and for other ways to make your voice heard:

3) OKNA Board meeting

The Overlook Neighborhood Association Board will meet Tuesday, April 3, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Historic Overlook House. On the agenda this month are the Hazelnut Grove homeless camp, small grants, planning the next edition of Overlook Views and more.

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Overlook Neighborhood Update (March 24)

1) OKNA statement on off-road cycling at the Dog Bowl
2) Adidas expansion
3) Overlook Eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt (March 31)
4) Friends of Overlook House seeks part-time night tour guide
5) Share your thoughts about Hazelnut Grove homeless camp

1) OKNA statement on off-road cycling at the Dog Bowl

At the Overlook Neighborhood Association general meeting on Tuesday, residents voted to urge the Portland Parks Board not to support converting the Dog Bowl into an off-road cycling park.

OKNA therefore submitted written testimony to that effect. In addition, OKNA Board Chair Chris Trejbal will attempt to testify at the public hearing on April 3.

Read the full letter and bike proposal here. An excerpt:

Dozens of people visit the Dog Bowl most days. Families and workers at nearby businesses walk its informal trail network, eat lunch, exercise their dogs, have a moment of quiet reflection or simply enjoy the views overlooking the Willamette River, Swan Island and the West Hills. These people come from Overlook and surrounding neighborhoods. Most arrive on foot or by bike. The Dog Bowl is a gathering place, a public commons where neighbors and friends meet to enjoy the outdoors and catch up with each other.

We recognize the need for infrastructure to support the city’s off-road biking enthusiasts, but the Dog Bowl is not a suitable site. Instead, we urge Parks and Recreation to acquire the property and make modest improvements that facilitate walking, running, enjoyment of the outdoors and off-leash dog play.

If plans move forward, it is imperative that a broad community engagement process take place so that the Dog Bowl continues to serve the diverse communities and users who live nearby and who visit this unique corner of North Portland.

2) Adidas expansion

Officials from adidas attended the OKNA meeting on Tuesday to present proposed plans for expansion of their North American headquarters campus in Overlook. Major elements of the plan include:

  • A three-story building with a gym and café where the existing tennis court is.
  • A five-story building with office space with several stories of underground parking where the visitor parking lot near the employee store currently is.
  • A three-story building with additional dining and meeting spaces between the existing black and green buildings on the west side of N Greeley Avenue. A temporary tent is going up to house employee dining facilities until this one is complete.
  • A new loading dock on the west side of Greeley and elimination of the dock on the east side.
  • A realigned entryway into the campus for vehicles.

Also, as previously announced, the employee store will move to Montgomery Park some time around June, and it will remain there permanently.

Officials with the company say that when building is complete they will have enough parking to handle all visitors and employees. Hopefully that will eliminate conflicts on neighborhood streets. The images below show the current campus and the proposed changes. Click on them to enlarge.

Adidas has pledged to keep the neighborhood informed about the project as it moves forward. To keep in the loop, check this weekly neighborhood update and watch for presentations at neighborhood meetings. In the meantime, direct questions to adidas at overlook@adidas.com and to OKNA at chair@overlookneighborhood.org.

3) Overlook Eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt (March 31)

Don’t forget that the Easter Bunny will hop by Overlook House next weekend. Bring your basket to find hundreds of eggs containing treats, treasures and tiny toys on the lawns of Overlook House (3839 N Melrose Dr.). If you discover one of 12 shining Golden Eggs, turn it in to win a special prize.

The hunt will take place on Saturday, March 31, promptly at 10:30 a.m., rain or shine, so wear your raincoat and rain boots if it’s wet. Don’t be late. This popular annual hunt is over in three winks of a bunny’s eye.

The Eggstravaganza is sponsored annually by the Friends of Overlook House especially for Overlook neighborhood children.

4) Friends of Overlook House seeks part-time night tour guide

The Friends of Overlook House, the nonprofit that operates the neighborhoods iconic home on the bluff, seeks a part-time tour night staff person. The right candidate will be a friendly person to oversee the Thursday Tour Night. Open House Hours are 4:50-8:10 (3 hours/week). The wage is $12.75/hour.

Primary duties include showcasing the Overlook House, giving tours, answering questions and light clerical duties. Qualifications include exceptional communication skills and previous customer service experience. Send your résumé or letter of interest to HROverlookHouse@gmail.com.

Questions? Contact Marsha Parks at 503-280-8052 or by email at the above address.

5) Share your thoughts about Hazelnut Grove homeless camp with researcher

Stephen Przybylinski, a doctoral student at Syracuse University conducting a year-long research project on homelessness in Portland, attended this week’s OKNA general meeting to tell neighbors a little bit about his work and to invite residents to share their thoughts about homelessness and the Hazelnut Grove homeless camp in Overlook specifically.

Stephen’s research is examining the more-organized, self-managed encampments throughout the city: Hazelnut Grove, Right 2 Dream, Kenton Women’s Village and Dignity Village. He is interested in speaking with neighbors located near the encampments, ideally with people who have been present for discussions about them, such as with OKNA and Hazelnut Grove.

He would like to interview residents in Overlook who are willing to talk about their experiences and concerns with the operations of Hazelnut Grove, the city’s approach to sheltering individuals in these types of camps, and the larger homeless emergency policies implemented by Portland.

If you’re interested in sharing your thoughts, you can reach Stephen at przybylinski.stephen@gmail.com.

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