About OKNA

The Overlook Neighborhood Association

What is the Neighborhood Association?
OKNA is one of Portland’s 95 recognized Neighborhood Associations and serves as a liaison between residents of the neighborhood and the city government. We are supported in part by the
Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI).
A board is elected each year, to share the various duties and areas of interest to the neighborhood including Land Use, Business, Parks & Greenspaces, Public Safety and others.

Who is a member of the Overlook Neighborhood Association?
The Overlook Neighborhood Association welcomes everyone! Our neighborhood includes approximately 3800 homes, 5800 people, a thriving industrial area and several business associations. Everyone who lives, owns property and/or who works within the boundaries of Overlook is part of OKNA. Please attend a meeting and get involved.

The OKNA Board:
The OKNA Board is made up of volunteer neighbors elected by the general membership. Board members strive to connect neighbors with each other, with the city government and other neighbors within Portland. They monitor land use, transportation, parks and business development in the area to look out for Overlook’s interests. The Board is dedicated to making Overlook a better neighborhood to live and work in.

The Overlook Neighborhood Association hosts open-style elections at the September General meeting each year. All members of OKNA who are present at the September meeting, who are at least 18 years old and who have attended at least one General meeting previously are eligible to run for a Board position and are allowed to vote.

2013/2014 OKNA Board Members:
Alan Cranna – Vice Chair
Cynthia Sulaski – Parks, Greenspaces & Trails
George Aulbach – Meeting Facilitator
George Spaulding – Public Safety
Kent Hoddick – Area Representative
Leslee Lewis – Sustainability Overlook
Michelle Thompson – Communications
Nicole Vasilevsky – Chair
Rebecca Hill – Area Representative
Tammy Maher – Treasurer

OKNA Grievance Committee Volunteers: Mattie Davis & Gayle Vrla

OKNA Bylaws (PDF)
Other Portland neighborhood’s bylaws
To view PDF files get Adobe Reader:

OKNA’s Email List:
OKNA’s email list is a way for you to receive time-sensitive information from the neighborhood association, specific to Overlook and OKNA’s areas of interest. These are usually public notices about hearings or meetings, neighbor work parties or other non-commercial notices we receive. Emails are sent in a digest format, usually once per week on Fridays.
To join the list, please enter your email address in the Yahoo! box on the right and look for your confirmation email (check your spam folder and whitelist our address).
If you would like to contribute something to the list, please email it to us at info@ overlookneighborhood.org with ‘Post to List’ in the subject line (see more below).

OKNA’s Email List Policy:
The Overlook Neighborhood Association (OKNA), as a means of communicating with resident of the neighborhood, maintains an email address list (the List). Residents may subscribe to the List through the OKNA website or by sending an email to: info@ overlookneighborhood.org.
Typically, the e-mail list is used to send out time-sensitive information about OKNA activities, government activities or hearings of interest to the community, events or crime reports. The List is not intended for any commercial use. The OKNA Board considers the List a valuable resource for communicating with the community, and is committed to keeping the number of mailings manageable and relevant. The names and e-mail addresses of members are not sold, rented, shared or used for any purpose other than those explained here.

To Send a Message to the OKNA Email List:
4 Easy Steps to Your Neighborhood Email List

1. Please send your submission to info@ OverlookNeighborhood.org
2. Put in the Subject line: “Post to List (date)” where (date) is the Friday you’d like your message to appear.
3. Paste a plain text version of your message in the body of the email; pdf, jpg and other attachments can not be included and must be transcribed. Be sure to include the date, time and place (with address) of any gathering.
4. Please have your submission to us by the Thursday before you want your message to appear.

Messages about upcoming community events or crime reports will be forwarded to the list. Messages that do not clearly fall within those boundaries will be circulated to the OKNA Board in order to determine if there are any objections to the posting being sent out to the List. If a message intended for the List is rejected, the OKNA Board may or may not provide an explanation to the sender.
Subject to approval by the OKNA Board, and to be consistent with achieving goals, access to the List and authority to send messages may be delegated to other non-board members as necessary.

OKNA’s Facebook Page & Policy:
OKNA has a facebook page: www.facebook.com/OKNAinPDX Anyone with a Facebook account is welcome to ‘like’ our page and subscribe to the updates, and post their own neighborhood information. The Facebook page is open for Overlook business neighbors to post updates to, including commercial postings. Please keep public discourse civil and friendly. Facebook posts may be moderated in extreme cases.

Donation & Tax Information:
The Overlook Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more detailed information on how to make a donation please contact OKNA at info@ overlookneighborhood.org. Thank You!