Overlook Neighborhood Update (Aug. 25)

1) Seven-story apartment building proposed for Interstate & Church
2) City approves adidas village expansion
3) Watch out for students while driving
4) Naturescaping workshop
5) Watch Wonder Woman in Overlook Park next weekend
6) 100 years of Portland Golf

1) Seven-story apartment building proposed for Interstate & Church

Developers of a proposed 7-story, 89,000-square-foot apartment building at 1431 N Church St. will have a design advice request review with the city’s Design Commission on Sept. 20 at 1:30 p.m. The public may comment on the project at that meeting.

The project, as proposed, will include 6 levels of apartments (130 residential units) above retail, residential amenity space, and parking (22 spaces) at the ground level. Building materials include metal panel and cementitious shingles.

The architects for the project have reached out to the Overlook Neighborhood Association for an opportunity to present. We’ll include them at either the September or October general meeting depending on how crowded the agendas are.

View the official announcement.

2) City approves adidas village expansion

The city’s Bureau of Development Services has issued its decision approving the adidas village expansion that will include two new buildings on the east side of the campus and a new loading dock west of N Greeley Avenue. The decision concludes in part:

The design review process exists to promote the conservation, enhancement, and continued vitality of areas of the City with special scenic, architectural, or cultural value. The original 1999 Land Use Design Review Approval Conclusion stated:

Adidas Village is a very ambitious multi-building development on a topographically challenging site. The solution is thoughtfully and skillfully designed to serve the needs of both the private and public users. When complete, the project will certainly be a positive asset to the neighborhood and the City.

The 2018 applicant team for the expansion of Adidas Village specifically referenced the 1999 decision throughout the process, not only meeting these goals, but expanding and enhancing several aspects of the original design. The proposed expansion of the Adidas Village establishes a renewed “sense of place” for Adidas Village, and for the Overlook Neighborhood.

Read the full decision.

3) Watch out for students while driving

If you’ve been lazily enjoying the dog days of summer when behind the wheel, well, perk up and pay attention: Kids are returning to school. Some children will zip around on bikes or skateboards. Others will arrive on foot or hop excitedly in and out of cars … and not necessarily paying attention. That means drivers need to pay extra attention and get back into the swing of safe driving near schools like Overlook’s Beach Elementary.

The rule of thumb when you are in an urban area near a school is slow down to a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Meanwhile, parents should make sure to spend a few minutes reviewing safety rules with their kids.

Review safety tips for drivers, students and parents online.

4) Naturescaping workshop

Fall is right around the corner, and it’s a great time to lay the groundwork for next year’s yard and garden. The East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District is offering a class to help people bring their land back to a more natural state. Learn to create a low-maintenance landscape that conserves water, minimizes pollution,  and creates habitat. Get natural gardening and design tips that mimic nature, and make your garden a healthy place for children, pets and wildlife.

The class is on Sept. 2, at the BES Water Pollution Control Lab in St. Johns (6543 N Burlington Ave.), 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Space is limited, and seats are going fast. Register online.

5) Watch Wonder Woman in Overlook Park next weekend

Don’t want to wait until Halloween to express your inner superhero?  Have kids who love dressing up as Spider-Man or The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl? Then, Overlook Park is the perfect place for you and the kids on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. OKNA is partnering with Portland Parks & Recreation to show Wonder Woman as one of the last Summer Free for All movies of the season.

We’d like to see the park filled with adults and kids dressed as their favorite superheroes. Everyone in costume will receive a raffle ticket for prizes contributed by local businesses. They include gift certificates good for meals, ice cream, spa services and groceries; toys for the kids; and much more. Stop by the OKNA booth in costume to get your ticket.

Two face painters will be on hand 6-7:30 to put the final touches on kids’ decorations, and there will be music by Soul Vibrator (Power Funk and Yacht Rock) starting at 6:30. We’ll draw the first winning raffle tickets at 7. The movie will start at dusk. Runtime is about 2:20.

If you can’t walk, bike or take the Max to the park, make sure you park in Kaiser Permanente’s surface parking lots on the east side of N Interstate Avenue. We want to minimize cars parking in the neighborhood.

To enjoy watching the movie, come prepared with sand chairs, blankets, jackets, food and flashlights. We also ask that you pack out everything that you bring in. Remember, dogs in the park must be leashed.

We need a few volunteers to help before the movie starts. If you’re interested, contact Cynthia at info@overlookneighborhood.org.

See you on Sept. 2.

6) 100 years of Portland Golf

A century ago, Portlanders set out to create golf opportunities and instruction for everyone – an experience quite different from the exclusive private clubs which were the primary venues for the game at the time. Today, Portland Parks & Recreation’s Portland Parks Golf continues to connect all Portlanders with the lifelong game, offering top-notch facilities, lessons and chances to engage with the sport for people of all ages and backgrounds in the Rose City.

Join your fellow Portlanders for the city’s Golf Centennial Celebration: The Next 100 on Sunday at Colwood Golf Center. Starting at 1 p.m. and lasting through the evening’s Summer Free For All Concert in the Park, enjoy an afternoon of free, family-friendly fun celebrating the next century of Portland Parks Golf.

The Next 100 is for golfers and non-golfers too. Activities include:

  • Family golf activities and prizes, and fun
  • Kids Golf Zone
  • Golf cart excursions
  • Learning about the first – and the next – 100 years of Portland Parks Golf
  • Live music! Concert in the Park with Speaker Minds (hip-hop and funk) at 6:30 p.m.
  • Fun, games, and more in a beautiful setting with family and friend.
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