Enrollment open for dual-language schools

Dual language immersion education provides social, cognitive and academic benefits to children and prepares them to be successful in a competitive, global society. Portland Public Schools offers free programs in five languages: Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Vietnamese. Our own Overlook neighborhood school, Beach Elementary, houses the Spanish program.

The lottery period for fall kindergartners to enroll in a dual language immersion program opened on Wednesday and continues through March 2. Late entry for students in grades 1-12 is by petition. Apply and learn more on the official website.

While Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin programs often have long wait lists, the Vietnamese program is newer and therefore has more opportunity for enrollment. It will be housed at Rose City Park in NE Portland next year. Native and non-native Vietnamese families looking for a challenging, engaging and highly beneficial language and social program should apply.

An Overlook family with a kindergartener in the Vietnamese program this year is happy to answer questions about it and is available to form study groups, act as carpool partners and provide general support for families interested. Please contact Sarah Tran (st.tran@gmail.com) if you’d like to discuss the Vietnamese program with an Overlook family.

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