Overlook Neighborhood Update (Sept. 2)

1) Stay cool out there
2) OKNA Board meeting (Sept. 5)
3) Watch out for school kids
4) Comment on affordable housing bond plans

1) Stay cool out there

Portland is in the midst of one of its hottest Labor Day weekends on record. As temperatures reach the 90s and maybe hit 100 Monday or Tuesday, remember to take common sense steps to stay cool and healthy. Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid prolonged, strenuous outdoor exertion during the hottest hours of the day.

Kids can stay cool at the city’s interactive fountains and splash pads. The nearest to Overlook are in Kenton and Peninsula parks. The city’s swimming pools also are open.

Multnomah County once more has opened cooling centers. The nearest to Overlook is at the Walnut Park Building (5325 NE Martin Luther King Blvd.). It will be open 2-8 p.m. through Labor Day and 5-8 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday.

Track the temperatures in Overlook at the Madrona Park weather station.

2) OKNA Board meeting (Sept. 5)

The Overlook Neighborhood Association Board will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Topics for discussion include safety along N Greeley Avenue, committee assignments and story ideas for the November edition of the neighborhood newsletter.

OKNA Board Meeting (agenda)
Tuesday, Sept. 5, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Overlook House (3839 N Melrose Dr.)

3) Watch out for school kids

Children throughout Portland started their new school year this week, including at Beach Elementary in Overlook. As students return to school, it’s particularly important to obey traffic laws and drive safely in school zones. Every intersection is a crosswalk, whether it is marked or not, so everyone driving needs to stop for families attempting to cross our streets. Near schools, people driving need to be especially mindful and watch out for parents and children walking and biking.

Drivers should also be aware that Portland Police Bureau officers will be at every school during the first few weeks of the school year to enforce school speed zones and other traffic laws.

If you drive to school, through a school zone or in neighborhoods near a school, follow these safety tips to keep all students safe this year:

  • Obey the 20-mph speed limit in all school zones.
  • Be patient during drop-off and pick-up if you drive your student to school or drive near a school. The roadways surrounding schools are congested during these times.
  • Do not idle your vehicle in school zones.
  • Yield to pedestrians at all intersections, whether marked with a crosswalk or not, it’s the law.
  • Look both ways for pedestrians and bicyclists when turning right on a red light.
  • Be aware of students where there are no sidewalks along the road and when backing out of driveways.
  • Watch for younger children – they can be less predictable and may not cross where you would expect.
  • Stop and wait for school buses when red lights are flashing.

If you are walking or biking to school:

Be aware:

  • Always look both ways before crossing the street
  • Watch out for trucks’ and buses’ blind spots
  • Avoid screens like parked cars when crossing the street

Be visible:

  • Bring a light, reflector or bright clothes when walking or biking particularly when it gets darker.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing
  • Whenever possible, cross at signaled/marked intersections when crossing major roads.

Have fun!

  • Walk or bike in groups.  Start a walking school bus or bike train.

Thank you for doing your part to provide safe student travel near all Portland schools.

4) Comment on affordable housing bond plans

In November 2016, Portland voters passed a general obligation bond of $258.4 million to increase affordable housing in our community.

To ensure bond investments create housing opportunity for those most in need and to reflect values of advancing racial equity and promoting community benefits, the Portland Housing Bureau convened a Stakeholder Advisory Group to guide the development of a policy framework for the use of bond funds.

The Draft Policy Framework for the Affordable Housing Bond is now available for review. The public is invited to read and comment on the plan here between now and Sept. 23.

Interested parties can share their feedback by completing the Community Survey here (online and print versions are available in English and Spanish). Find a schedule of public meetings here for opportunities to discuss the plan with other community members and provide feedback.

For more information, visit the bond website.

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