Overlook Neighborhood Update (Aug. 11)

1) Changes to the upcoming OKNA meeting (Aug. 15)
2) Special Olympics at adidas a success
3) City intervenes in mediation with Hazelnut Grove
4) Bridge Pedal will disrupt traffic on Sunday morning

1) Changes to the upcoming OKNA meeting (Aug. 15)

The OKNA general meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. has changed location. Given the high level of interest in this meeting, the OKNA Board has secured a larger venue at Trillium Charter School. Do not go to Lucky Lab … unless you prefer tasty beer and pizza to neighborhood politics.

A special board meeting has been called for 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, prior to the scheduled general meeting. The board will discuss the proposed bylaws amendment that would clarify who qualifies for membership in OKNA. This meeting is in response to Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s office and ONI threatening to rescind OKNA official standing if the bylaws amendment passes. Read their letter to OKNA here.

The first bylaws amendment that deals with procedural items will not be affected. You can read both amendments on the OKNA website.

Please try to arrive early for the meeting. Anyone who wishes to vote on items should check in and receive a voting card. Pursuant to ONI interpretations, when checking in, residents will be asked to print their name, address or nearest intersection to where they live and email address if they wish to be added to our weekly email update. They also will be required to check a box affirming that they live in the Overlook Neighborhood and provide a legal signature.

An agenda for the meeting is available here. Other topics to be discussed include drag racing on Swan Island and promoting the September annual meeting.

OKNA Special Board Meeting & General Meeting
Tuesday, Aug. 15, 6:15-9 p.m.
Trillium Charter School (5420 N Interstate Ave.)

2) Special Olympics at adidas a success

Adidas, whose North American headquarters is in Overlook, sends its thanks to neighborhood residents for accommodating last weekend’s Special Olympics soccer match. A spokesman for adidas writes to the neighborhood:

Big thanks to you and the Overlook Neighborhood for accommodating our request for yesterday morning’s Special Olympics match!

While I’m sure some residents were surprised to hear ACDC and Katy Perry with their morning coffee, the families, staff, officials, and athletes who were in attendance were thrilled to play and compete in a sport they are passionate for at the Village before heading over to Providence Park to watch the Timbers and Galaxy.

We greatly appreciate your flexibility with the date change to Sunday morning and for helping us provide a welcoming and hospitable space for sport for our guests from Special Olympics.

OKNA also shares its thanks for everyone who made this fun day possible for the young athletes.

3) City intervenes in mediation with Hazelnut Grove

Jamey Duhamel, Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s policy director, this week told the Portland Tribune that Eudaly’s office would seek to implement a Dignity Village model at the Hazelnut Grove homeless camp. OKNA is engaged in a city-mandated mediation process with Hazelnut Grove and has hoped to reach an agreement that would match the successful Kenton Village model. Representatives of Hazelnut Grove, including Vahid Brown, a leader of the Village Coalition, have spoken positively at OKNA meetings about the Kenton model.

While it is unfortunate that Eudaly’s staff are potentially harming the mediation process, OKNA continues to hope that Hazelnut Grove will agree to reasonable health and safety provisions akin to the Kenton Model. The next mediation session is scheduled for later this month.

4) Bridge Pedal will disrupt traffic on Sunday morning

Anyone planning to drive in and around downtown Portland on Sunday might want to wait until the afternoon. The annual Providence Bridge Pedal will take place on Sunday morning, closing most of the city’s bridges and some streets between them for thousands of bike riders. The graphic on the right shows the status of individual bridges, but in general, it will be best to avoid the area if possible until the roads clear.

Overlook was sorry to learn that the Bridge Pedal will not pass through our neighborhood this year. In past years, the ride crossed the St. Johns Bridge and came through Overlook. That portion of the ride was dropped this year after difficulties securing sufficient police services.

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