Overlook Neighborhood Update (Feb. 11)

1) Overlook is a welcoming neighborhood
2) Overlook Neighborhood Emergency Team bimonthly meeting (Monday, Feb. 13)
3) Third annual Overlook Sustainability Summit (Feb. 25)
4) Neighborhood streets community survey
5) Street work around Mocks Crest this summer

1) Overlook is a welcoming neighborhood

At its Feb. 7 meeting, the Overlook Neighborhood Association Board adopted the following resolution of inclusion and support for all Overlook neighbors:

The Overlook Neighborhood Association welcomes refugees, immigrants, people of any color or ethnicity, people of any religious belief, and people of any sexual orientation or gender identity. In short, we are a welcoming place for all. We will not tolerate hateful rhetoric that scapegoats these communities or that threatens our neighbors. We will not remain idle when any member of our community is targeted by bigotry. We are stronger together as a neighborhood and city.

2) Overlook Neighborhood Emergency Team bimonthly meeting (Monday, Feb. 13)

Join the Overlook Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) for its bimonthly meeting (even numbered months) at Lucky Lab Tap Room on Monday, 6:30-8 p.m. The meeting will focus primarily on the upcoming Sustainability Summit on Feb. 25. Additional items to be covered include a follow-up on the January mid-ice storm visit to the fire station, look ahead to the Overlook Park walkaround in March and a full call-up for Overlook NET in July.

Advance check-in by radio (channel 5) starts at 6 p.m.

Overlook NET bimonthly meeting
Monday, Feb. 13, 6:30-8 p.m.
Lucky Lab Tap Room (1700 N Killingsworth St.)

3) Third annual Overlook Sustainability Summit (Feb. 25)

Is your household ready for a natural disaster? Take heart, preparation is a spectrum, and the third annual Overlook Sustainability Summit – Putting Preparedness into Action is coming on Feb. 25 to help you get ready or more ready.

The American Red Cross’ Steve Eberlein will speak about best practices learned after the Indonesian earthquake/tsunami event and introduce us to Prepare Out Loud, a Red Cross initiative.

The Summit won’t be all talk; it’ll be all action. Mingle with neighbors and experts, and get hands-on demonstrations and discussions about go bags, pet preparedness and sanitation. Bring your go bag for an evaluation, and get ideas for improvement.

The Overlook NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) will run a practice staging event so you can practice with radios, triage and shelter development. Lunch available from Atomic Pizza by reservation ($7 per person).

Find all of the schedule details and RSVP at sustainableoverlook.org /summit-2017.

Overlook Sustainability Summit: Putting Preparedness Into Action
Saturday, Feb. 25, 9:45 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Beach Elementary School (1710 N Humboldt St.)

4) Neighborhood streets community survey

The condition of streets and sidewalks in front of homes and throughout Portland’s neighborhoods affects how people get around. The Portland Bureau of Transportation wants to hear about how you use residential side streets, problems you experience as you try to get around Overlook, and your input about your expectations for residential street improvements in the Portland.

  • Take the survey to tell PBOT how the Neighborhood Streets Program can best serve you. The survey will take only a few minutes to complete and is available in English, Español, Việt Ngữ, 中文, and Русский.

PBOT has begun the planning process to develop policies and funding options for improving residential side streets. Your input on this survey will help them understand where to focus efforts and what to prioritize in the new program.

The goals for the Neighborhood Streets Program are to develop:

  • A sustainable funding strategy to fix unimproved streets
  • A process to prioritize residential street projects
  • A process to determine what street standards to apply for each project
  • An inclusive, effective, and equitable public engagement process that is built upon community values and priorities

If you have questions or require additional information on the program or survey, please contact Anne Hill at anne.hill@portlandoregon.gov.

5) Street work around Mocks Crest this summer

Sunset viewers at Mocks Crest will have to maneuver around some roadwork this spring. Environmental Services, the city’s sewer and stormwater utility, is extending the public sewer system to properties where service is only available through a neighboring property. Under N Skidmore Terrace, this project will install 540 feet of main line sewer pipe, three new manholes, and branch connections to ten properties allowing them to make direct connections the public sewer. This project will help protect public health, water quality, and the environment.

Construction will begin in February and is expected to be completed in June. The first activities will include survey, and moving equipment and materials into the area. Learn more about the project here.


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