OKNA Overlook Neighborhood Email 9-05-2014

Public Safety Alert: Neighbor Kristin reports: My wallet was stolen from my car in front of my house at the triangle of Colonial and Overlook between 1-2pm, Sept 4th (yesterday).

The thief used my card at North Portland BikeWorks on Mississippi and I got the following description from them: male, 25-35, thin, tall, light beard, light hair. He bought a lime-green bike messenger bag.

ALSO my neighbor’s house was broken into through a back window (using a crow bar from their garage) during the day on September 2nd. The thief went through the house, but did not steal anything. It looked like they were looking for easy cash or cards. These may or may not be related, but it does seem like someone is trolling/ aware of who’s home and who is not. Both of us filed police reports, so if you do see someone suspicious you can reference our calls.

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1) Concerned About Portland Rivers? (9/9)
2) Build Our Own North Star Village For Aging in Place (9/14)
3) Repair Café North Portland (9/16)
4) OKNA Bylaws Update Up for Vote (now)
5) How do I become a Portland NET Member?


1) Concerned About Portland Rivers? (9/9)
Two Rivers, One City, takes place on Tuesday, September 9th. The event, hosted by Groundwork Portland and Columbia Riverkeeper, presents an important opportunity for people in Portland to learn about how contamination in our rivers affects local communities. The Portland Harbor superfund issue is one that has gotten much press recently—from the Oregonian, the Tribune and Street Roots to name a few—and one that residents seem increasingly concerned about.

This event will bring together a diversity of river users to voice these concerns, discuss current threats to the health and prosperity of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, and share their future visions for the waterways. We’ll also be joined by renowned environmental lawyer, Robin Morris Collins, to discuss the intersections between river health and environmental justice in Portland.

As a follow up event, the Pacific Northwest Social Forum will be holding a march on September 28th to demand an equitable and thorough cleanup of the Willamette River.

Two Rivers, One City
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
6-8 pm
Charles Jordan Community Center
9009 N Foss, Portland


2) Build Our Own North Star Village For Aging in Place (9/14)

Villages are created by neighbors who want to grow old in their own home & neighborhood, supported by a caring community. Members can be homeowners, renters, seniors sharing housing or living with relatives.

A caring network of neighbors-helping-neighbors and reduced-cost professional support fosters affordable, interdependent aging in community. We’re talking about unique, locally-determined Villages that are not a real estate development or retirement community. It’s not a place. It’s a plan for aging in place!

Learn more about the Portland-metro-area Village Movement and how you can get involved in creating North Star Village serving the North, Inner North and Outer North West Portland neighborhoods.

Sunday, September 14 from 2-4 PM
North Portland Library, 512 N. Killingsworth

For more information, contact Patt Opdyke, North Star Village coordinator:
NorthStarVillage@comcast.net or 503.978.0540
A member of the Villages NW Network www.VillagesNW.org


3) Repair Café North Portland (9/16)

Do you have something that is not working right? Does your old blender clunk when it should whirr? Do your old speakers crackle or does your turntable make Cat Stevens sound like a chipmunk? Do you have a pair of earrings missing clamps or hooks? Perhaps your bike just needs a much needed tune up or your favorite kitchen knives need a little TLC. If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to come to the Repair Café.

**We are planning to have volunteers who can help repair the following:
Clothes and linens
Bike Tune ups and diagnostics
Leather Repair
Small Engine repair
Tool Sharpening

These are just a selection of Volunteers we having coming so you definitely do not want to miss it. If you don’t see your item listed that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t get fixed bring it by anyway we might just have someone on site who can fix your item.

Thursday Sept 19 2014
6pm to 9pm.
Historic Kenton Firehouse
2209 N Schofield St, Portland OR 97217


4) OKNA Bylaws Update Up for Vote (now)

Take a moment before our next meeting (Tuesday, September 16) to review the proposed changes to OKNA’s bylaws. We’ll be voting to accept them on that evening.

OKNA Bylaws Update: PROPOSAL


5) How do I become a Portland NET Member?

Anyone who lives or works in Portland can take NET training. Over 2,500 volunteers have completed basic training. Join them today.

FREE disaster response training that improves your practical skills and prepares you for a major disaster.

Get to know your neighbors, and join a group of highly skilled community leaders.

After completing basic training, you also receive access to free advanced training opportunities, exercises, and classes.

About 28 hours for basic training, usually done over the course of three Saturday classes.

At least twelve hours of volunteer time every calendar year. This can be in the form of talking with neighbors about emergency preparedness, attending neighborhood meetings, or taking advanced training classes.

Register & more info here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/pbem/58587

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