OKNA Overlook Neighborhood Email 12/28/13

Happy New Year, Overlook!

While there isn’t anything queued up for this week’s agenda, I thought I’d take advantage of the blank space to help you prepare for 2014 in Overlook by sharing the events and activities we know we’ll be inviting you to.
Your participation is what makes these activities fun and worthwhile, so we hope you will pen them into your calendar now, and email us at info@OverlookNeighborhood.org to let us know you’d like to help out with planning and execution of an event close to your heart.


OKNA Meeting, 3rd Tuesday, every month
7:00 -9:00 pm
Kaiser Town Hall, 3704 N Interstate Ave @ Overlook Blvd
Please drop in any time; our meetings usually involve discussion of current neighborhood goings-on and are a time for you to bring your wishes and concerns to your neighbors.

Comprehensive Plan Update/Neighborhood Centers
An ongoing land use/planning discussion open to all Overlook residents. Contribute your ideas to describe Overlook for the coming 20 years.

Pesticide Free Overlook
Neighbors can now take the Healthy Lawn and Garden pledge though Sustainable Overlook’s website. It’s easy and you’ll get a FREE lady bug yard sign. Volunteer opportunities include delivering lady bug signs, talking with neighbors door-to-door, working with local businesses, schools and parks. Questions about the project or exactly what being ‘pesticide-free’ means? Email sustainable@overlookneighborhood.org or call 503-956-0152.

Overlook Views Delivery
OKNA’s quarterly print newsletter Overlook Views is distributed by our all volunteer hero delivery team, and we’re always hiring! We are looking for a few people who will take a walk in Overlook & drop papers (it usually takes about an hour). Email Views@OverlookNeighborhood.org if you’d like a route.


Event: ‘The Transition Companion’ discussion and potluck
Thursday, January 09, 2014 06:30 PM
Daybreak Cohousing, 2525 N. Killingsworth Ave
Join neighbors for an informal reading group. ‘The Transition Companion: Making your community more resilient in uncertain times’ by Rob Hopkins asks the question “What if the best responses to peak oil and climate change don’t come from government, but from you and me and the people around us?”  We’ll be discussing the ‘Connecting’ section. A limited number of books are available free of charge. Email sustainable@overlookneighborhood.org Bring a dish or snack to share. Free!


Earth Day Annual Neighborhood Clean Up
This event bends to neighborhood wishes.. what would you like to tackle this year? We can have a litter pick up, a hazardous materials clean up, a beautification project, anything you like, really. Reach out with your idea and let’s see what’s possible.


Intersection Repair
Plan now for the party of the spring at the Intersection Repair at N Overlook Blvd/Concord/Failing/Melrose when we repaint and refurbish the street graphic and planter boxes. Helpers of all abilities and talents requested for cheerleading and placemaking.. come find out what that means!


Yard Sale/Free Share
Sustainable Overlook’s popular Yard Sale/Free Share should happen again, but we need some more planning help. Spread the word and let’s start cleaning out those basements now so we’ll be ready this summer.


Providence Bridge Pedal Volunteer Team
Join your OKNA neighbors to staff the rest station in St Johns town square. This brief and enjoyable gig nets a monetary contribution for OKNA, and helps fund your neighborhood newsletter, Overlook Views.

Pesticide Free Garden Tour
Last summer’s Pesticide Free Garden Tour was a big hit and many of you would like to be involved now that you see it’s not about perfect design, or weed-free manicured patches.. we want to see all kinds of gardens, so now is the time to contact us about being included in this year’s tour.

OKNA Neighborhood Picnic
In lieu of our August meeting, we have a picnic instead! This can be held as a potluck picnic or perhaps be hosted at a neighborhood restaurant. We are very interested in your wishes for a neighborhood gathering this summer; please let us know what you’d like to do.


Patton Square Park Party
Come for the performances and play, stay for the community spirit and positive connections! If you have small children, this is the event for you; come claim our pretty new park for a new generation!

Movie in the Park
After the enthusiastic response to this summer’s screening of ET: The Extraterrestrial in Overlook Park, we are eager to plan another Movie in the Park event with Portland Parks. We have a need right now for a couple of planners to join the committee; if you enjoyed yourself at ET, please reach us soon to make this summer’s event even better. Email Movie@OverlookNeighborhood.org today.

More Ongoing Overlook Groups

Overlook Livability Team (OLT)
This group meets on the first Sunday of most months for a couple of hours to clean up graffiti and litter in small teams. A great way to meet neighbors and really accomplish something tangible and positive.

Overlook Business Speakeasy
Meets Quarterly – Next Meeting: January 15, 2014
A group for Overlook business people; network with others and solve mutual business issues.

There will certainly be other things that come along on shorter notice, and I certainly may have missed something, but this should be enough to get you motivated for the coming year. We look forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming events.
Happy New Year,

Michelle & the OKNA Board

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